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Development program for Teacher Coordinators & Deputy Heads


Facing the new challenges, a further step in your career brings enthusiasm, mobilization and optimism. We’ve all experienced at least once the excitement of a new stage in our careers. But not seldom, the beginnings also implie finding gaps of theoretical and practical training in the field, or even fear and uncertainty generated by the lack of experience.


But those who want professional performance know they have to look for the most effective solutions, as soon as possible, in order to bridge the gap, and to develop skills, before getting overwhelmed by the new role. Knowing very well the responsibilities of a manager, whether in its infancy or at the mature stage of his career, I decided to initiate this program, in order to provide a first set of theoretical and practical solutions to those who need it most: the beginners.


I get involved with all my heart in this project, as I know that those targeted are in charge of the management of the institutions meant to form the future personalities of the society in which my children will live and work.


I thank my partners from Acorns Training Centre (, for facilitating the implementation of the pilot-project in Bucharest – January 30-31, 2014.



Covering the main skills and competencies a junior or middle manager needs:



Note: As an option, the customer can choose a Basic Program, selecting 5 areas of interest from the list mentioned previously and this can be held during one full working day.





 1. Driving performance:

2. Staff development strategies and processes:

3. Driving an innovative culture, service & customer oriented:

4. How to manage efficiently a team by delivering strong messages during meetings or presentations:

5. How to delegate properly:

6. How to motivate staff with nonfinancial tools:

7. Financial for nonfinancial managers:

8. Managing conflicts:

9. Fundraising and events organizing

10. Partnering with parents: workshop.



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