About the beginning of a real success story

Amalia Sterescu \ About the beginning of a real success story

For my colleagues… In the winter of December 2006, an EMEA  Renewals Leaders Task Force was mandated to recruit what later will be considered the Golden Team: 13  high qualified and motivated young people ready to demonstrate that the Renewals Service Centre concept works. I met Anette Knoche, Colette Ward, Georg Spath, Farid Abdi in a nice winter evening – they were tired after a day full of 5-6 interviews but exciting enough to share with me interesting details about candidates short list. They were impressed by the language skills, education and determination of the Romanian candidates. This recruitment task force and especially the  EMEA leaders involved in the project like John Hanley, Keith Saunders, Susan Brewer, Tim Holloway, Laszlo Bader, Siobhan Wilson –  did an excellent job by planing and creating what proved to be a success story: Global Renewals Service Centre.

GRSC – the pioneers

I was the first employee in GRSC, I joined Oracle in January 3rd, 2005 and soon, on January 5th my team – the Golden Team – was there.

–        Catalin Bautoru Renewal Rep. promoted GRSC Trainer – now Sales Representative in Oracle CH;

–        Mihaela Corbescu Renewal Rep.– left Oracle after 2 years, now relocated in Paris with a scholarship;

–         Alisa Ionescu Renewal Rep – promoted Team Leader, now is managing GRSC – FR and Africa Operations;

–         Gabriela Dan  Renewal Rep, was promoted GRSC Team Leader for NAS – left Oracle for Accenture in Prague after 2 years;

–         Amalia Sterescu joined Oracle as GRSC Manager, now GRSC Director.

–         Irina Stanescu Renewal Rep – left Oracle for Orange after 2 years.

–         Raluca Spinu Renewal Rep – now Reporting Specialist in GRSC ;

–         Vlad Greavu Renewal Rep – now Team Leader for GRSC Additional Project Team;

–         Edit Gergely Renewal Rep – now promoted Senior Renewal Rep within GRSC;

–         Ana Vinaru Renewal Rep – now Team Leader for Sublicense Suport Team;

–         Ruxandra Rata Renewal Rep – now Senior Team Leader for UK, ZA, IE and MEO Group;

–         Vlad Stoica Renewal Rep – left Oracle after 2 years for a Project Manager role;

–         Robert Ciobotea Renewal Rep – now GRSC Operational Manager for EMEA.


When the above picture was taken in January 2005, I remember exactly that someone sceptical said: „Let’s smile now, next year who knows how many of us will still be here?”. As you can see after 3 years Robert , Catalin, Alisa, Raluca, Vlad , Edit, Ana, Ruxi and myself – we are still here and we really enjoy our work!


From concept to an operational model

In this 3 years we made an important step from the uncertainty of an idea to a great model of operational performance. From 13 employees we have today more than150. From 7 countries allocated initially we have now 42. From $117M allocated initially we have now almost 1 Billion USD. We made continuos efforts to deliver excellent performance and we gained our external and internal customers trust.

Now, after 3 years we are proud of our work results, we are happy to say that we built a successful model, we are still enthusiastic about making GRSC one of the most admired teams in Oracle Romania. We embrace the future with confidence and determination because we know in our harts that opportunities are everywhere but a such a great team is hard to find.

Happy Birthday Global Renewals Service Centre! 


Data articol: 20 December 2007
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